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GMW Series - Multiwire

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The best machine is


...the most reliable

For you, reliable means a machine which does not break down, which guarantees you will keep to your production schedule and planned delivery to clients. For you, reliable means now and over time.
For us, reliable means:
  • Rigorous and accurate design
  • High standards of surface treatment
  • The selection and control of each single component
  • Automatic lubrication systems
  • Distributing the electronics and simplifying the wiring layouts and number of cables
  • Guaranteeing you on line and distance assistance via modem or internet to your machine

...the easiest

For you, simple means easy to use.
For us, simple means:
  • Simplicity in the use of the diamond wires
  • high automation for everyone
  • a wide range of cutting parameters
  • the possibility of saving the cutting parameters to remember the past and improve the future

…the most economical and flexible

for you economy means low production costs and flawless quality
for us economy means:
  • the constant tensioning of the wires that is accurate and always under control
  • a solid, vibration-free structure
  • a wire speed that is always suited to the material being sawn
for you flexible means:
  • suited to all cutting requirements
for us flexible means:
  • the possibility of changing the slab thickness easily.



The GMW multiwire machine was designed in its entirety with the aid of one of the most advanced CAD 3D systems on the market. All the important and structural components were designed and controlled both in terms of their resistance to stress during the working phase and to the deformations that occur with the use of a sophisticated FEM program Thanks to the use of these systems to aid design, we have achieved objectives that were unimaginable with the old methods, both in terms of optimising the sturdiness of the materials and the final performance of the machine.


The surfaces of all manufactured components, welded structures or castings are prepared with a sand-blasting cycle using siliceous abrasive according to SSPC-SP10 specifications. After the sand-blasting, the surfaces are immediately coated by zinc hot metallization process and sprinkled and painted with two coats of epoxy primer. After the working cycle with CNC machines, all parts and components are washed at high pressure with a degreasing soap to eliminate all traces of oil and are then dried. The next stage is the final treatment with two coats of bi-component epoxy paint, the first very thick, and the second, to finish, gives the desired colour. This procedure is ideal for the application of epoxy paints in thick coats without the use of solvents to achieve thick layers with no porosity.


From the beginning, guiding precision of the pulleys and reliability were the most difficult challenges in the designing of the GMW. The operating system, guide and tensioning of the diamond wires, requires the use of 68 ball bearings, plus another 68 that hold the tension pulleys of a smaller diameter, operated singly by a hydraulic actuator and staggered on two shafts. Considering the inevitable games in the axial space of about 20mm, a bearing with cage, rolling elements, two rings and seals must all find a place. (...) All in a hostile environment, characterized by the presence of water mixed with granite powder. Moreover, the presence of hundreds of lubrication points, constituted a major source of costs and an intrinsic limitation to the reliability of the system. The result of this highly technological collaboration was the creation of a special bearing, characterized by combining the pulley with a permanently grease lubricated flange, using technology that is already used for car wheels.

The structure

as simple as a two-column machine but with the same reliability and rigidity as a four-column machine The GMW2000 multiwire machine was designed with two columns. Two sturdy columns hold the bow-shaped sawing structure housing all the pulleys, tensioning devices and wires. The cutting structure moves along the columns on sliders. The largediameter motor drum, made in aluminium, is connected to the motor via a special synchronous belt. The tensioning area is composed of two shafts with idle pulleys and a system of single tensioning pulleys, one for each diamond wire.The choice of the two-column structure makes the machine easy to use and leads to cost savings when fitting or removing the diamond wires. The bow-shaped structure, composed of bent steel plates, is extremely rigid and supports the tensioning of the diamond wires, leaving the columns the only role of supporting the overhang. This solution provides all the advantages of a two-column machine, in that it is easy to use, as well as those of a four-column machine as regards its indeformable structure.

The columns: as in our finest tradition

The two columns are manufactured in an extremely rigid electro-welded boxed structure made with steel plates. The vertical sliding guides, equipped with special profile steel guides, that are rectified and interchangeable, are located in the front of the machine. The large cursors move on these on adjustable sliders manufactured in an anti-friction material. The motion is guaranteed by the well-known and tested trapezoidal nut and screw system, generously dimensioned, driven by a brushless motor reducer. The nut/screw are lubricated by a oil recycling system and it’s protected by two bellows, internal and external, for guarantee the perfect sealing against dust and mud. The guide/slider system has lubricating points located in easy positions on the slider. The column-slider unit, thanks to its extreme sturdiness, guarantees exceptional stability to the entire machine unit. Moreover, the reliability of the solution adopted assures the long life of the machine.

The sawing structure

an indeformable, vibration-free structure for the reliable, continuous tensioning of the wire in order to achieve impeccable quality. The sawing structure is made in a welded steel plate boxed structure designed to achieve maximum rigidity and minimum deformation. The diamond wire tensioning forces, both on the motor side and on the tensioning side, are symmetrically discharged by means of the shaft supports on the sawing structure which, thanks to its indeformability, guarantees no vibrations and the constant tensioning of the wires. The great advantage of this solution is that each and every diamond wire works in the same tensioning conditions, whether it is in the innermost or outermost throat, thanks to the total symmetry of the sawing structure. All this ensures that there are no vibrations and that the ensioning is accurate. Hence the quality of the processed slabs, both in terms of surface finishing and thickness consistency.

The tensioning system

In multiwire machines it is of crucial importance to have accurate tensioning on each wire that must be consistent and easy to use in all phases of processing so as to exploit the cutting capacity and life of the diamond wires to the full. Our solution is based on a double tensioning system: a general pre-tensioning of the entire idle pulleys unit, which recovers the clearances required to install the wires on the pulleys, and a second tensioning, pulley by pulley, wire by wire, to achieve the final working tensioning required for the desired results. The pre-tensioning system is based on a couple of large hydrodynamic cylinders translating on two high-precision, low-attrition linear guides upon which all the structure housing the pulleys and their dedicated tensioning is supported. Once the general pre-tensioning is completed, the final working tensioning is achieved with a single, independent tensioner for each pulley, each driven by an oleodynamic cylinder. An oleodynamic control unit continuously checks and adjusts the working pressure of all cylinders throughout all working phases by means of a proportional valve,. Each single tensioning pulley is tightly linked to a special linear sensor which controls its position at every moment. Thanks to this system each single diamond wire is controlled by the software in each and every working phase, both in terms of tension and displacement, thereby optimising all sawing parameters according to the variations of the material being processed and achieving outstanding results in terms of cost savings and reliability of the machine-wire system.

A geometry of machine which redefines the concept of multiwire

The diamond wire is rolled up around three rolls, an A motor drum, a B free axis, a C tensioning pulley. The tensioning of the wire is got diagonally on C pulleys. The machine is equipped with a pre-tensioning and a final tensioning of precision, both hydraulic. · Longer life of wire as subject to a lower number of folds and a larger diameter of the tensioning pulleys respect to the other machines on the market. · More cleaning of parts for the tensioning of wire. The inclined configuration infact allows a better evacuation of dirt. · More reliability of the machine consequent to the decrease of total number of bearings and lower solicitation of bearings of tensioning pulleys. · Easy maintenance of bearings of tensioning pulleys, singly extractable.

Fully interchangeable rubbers

The Gaspari Menotti solution: GMW has quick replacement of the polyurethane on the main flywheel and guide drum. System of interchangeable gaskets on driving drum, guide-drums and idle pulleys. One of the winning feature of our machines is surely the easiness of maintenance. The greater maintenance problem on multiwire machines is the re-rubberising and following machining of grooved-pulleys and driving drum. Gaspari Menotti has a patented solution to replace these grooved plastics on which the diamond wires are running; directly on site, easily, in a short time and with a very low cost. The solution is made through a set of grooved polyurethane bands interlocked on all flywheels and drums. A system of housing on circumferences of flywheels and drums allows the safely locking of the polyurethane bands. This solution allows the easy and quick replacement of the weared bands with new ones without dismantling flywheels or drums from the machine.

The software

How to quickly reach the function required; the touch-screen quickly leads you to the required point. For Gaspari Menotti technology has always been of paramount importance in order to make a great number of machine functions available to clients and, above all, to make sure these are easy and quick to use. The GMW's management and control software is the essence of this philosophy. The wide range of working parameters under the direct control of the operator is impressive as is the ease with which these parameters can be adjusted and set, through quick and easy operations on a “touch screen monitor, using intuitive graphics and the logical "movement” from one function to another. Main functions and characteristics: Intuitive and easily interactive control panel The use of simplified icons and the possibility of moving from one function to another via a touch screen control panel guarantee the easy understanding and incredibly simple implementation of all functions. Sawing parameters' management All parameters and data required for correct sawing are constantly monitored and can be adjusted by the operator at any time. Management of alarms and diagnostics The life of your machine is continuously monitored by a series of sensors together with a software module and all the main machine functions are continuously controlled and monitored on video in order to make the processing safe and the diagnosis of any problems easy and prompt. Management of statistics It is possible to collect and store a large quantity of data/information relevant to the materials sawn, production, power consumption and cutting speeds for the purpose of statistics and cost control and to create a data bank, that is constantly updated by the system, which records the optimum sawing parameters for each and every material. All this greatly simplifies the use of the machine by standardising sawing and optimising production.
Data sheet
Modello/Model GMW 700 GMW 1000 GMW 1200 GMW 1500 GMW 2000
Filo / Wire mm 7,3   7,3   7,3   6,3 - 7,3   6,3 - 7,3
Lunghezza utile di taglio / Useful cutting lengthmm3500 3500 3500  3500 3500
Altezza utile di taglio / Useful cutting heightmm2200 2200 2200 2200  2200
Larghezza Utile x cala / Useful net cutting widthmm700 1000 1200  1500 1975
Numero massimo fili / Maximum number of wires nr.24 34 40  54 71
Potenza max motore principale / Maximum power of the main motorkW110 160 160  250 280
Potenza totale installata / Total power installedkW125 175 175  270 300
Velocità lineare fili / Wires rim speedm/s20-35 20-35 20-35 20-35  20-35
Tensioanemnto fili / Wire tensioning Idraulico proporzionale
Proportional hydraulic
 Idraulico proporzionale
Proportional hydraulic
 Idraulico proporzionale
Proportional hydraulic
 Idraulico proporzionale
Proportional hydraulic 
 Idraulico proporzionale
Proportional hydraulic
Velocità risalita / Rising speedmm300 300 300  300 300
Lunghezza / Lengthmm12500 12500 12500  12500 12500
Larghezza "A" / "A" Widthmm3400 3800 3800 4450  4900
Altezza Colonne / Column heightmm6000 6000 6000  6000 6000
Altezza Max / Maximum heightmm6800 6800 6800 6800  6800
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