Plants for Granite Slabs

DIAMOND WIRE PROFILING MACHINE The shaping machine by diamond wire, thanks to a system with 6 independent axis, is able to do complex processing such as columns, cones or combined shapes for tomb stones [ .. ]
GMW Series - Multiwire
The best machine is   ...the most reliable   For you, reliable means a machine which does not break down, which guarantees you will keep to your production schedule and planned delivery to [ .. ]
Jumbo Matic - Gang Saw for Granite
We are not joking, after almost fifty years of success, sometimes it happens to stop and look back, to run over the way "often in ascent" again and the fundamental stages of one's own path. In order [ .. ]
IRCL 2200
This is a special machine for the combined crossways and lengthways trimming of marble slabs. It is complete with a programme for cutting the heads and tails of the slabs. The machine includes the following features: [ .. ]
PGM polishing machine  allows an incomparable finishing level thanks to the possibility to put up to 176 abrasives (22 heads, 8 swinging arms each) with lower consumptions comparing to all the other machines [ .. ]
CSM 2200 - Calibrating Granite Slabs
This machine is designed to calibrate slabs of granite. Calibrating is performed by means of diamond calibrating wheels set on separate spindle groups. The rotating element is powered separately from the grinding [ .. ]