Gaspari Menotti

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MIR 2200

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MIR 2200 is born thank to the constant investment in Research e Development for avant garde technologies by    the leading resin restoring plant producer Gaspari Menotti . 

MIR 2200 is an innovative product totally different from other  machines on the market in terms of technology and performances.

MIR 2200 can  be used both for surfaces  resining and  restoring process  of marble and granite by the use of an epoxy  resin working on line with the polishing machine and avoiding the storage of the material for over 24 hours.
In fact when the resined slab    moves  inside  MIR  it comes out perfectly  catalyzed  and the slab is ready for the next step: the polishing.

Slabs never rest under the MIR and the machine can reach a speed up to 3 m / min ,   the very  fluid resin penetrates deeply inside the material   hardening perfectly   thanks to the   special frequency modulation. 

MIR 2200 is produced in different models starting from the smaller one for 12 sl / h  to the most performing for 60 Sl/h