Resin Line

BCSSMK2 - Semiautomatic bench
SEMIAUTOMATIC LOADING/UNLOADING BENCH Model BCSS/300 Capacity 1.000 kg., motorised rollers, hydraulic tilting system, electric panel, control panel with buttons.
CSAMK1 - Automatic unloading carriage
AUTOMATIC UNLOADING CARRIAGE Model CSA300/1000 Tilting type, capacity 1.000 kg., transfer of the slabs through hydraulic sliding unit.Automatic system of slab centering.
CCSSMK1 - Semiautomatic carriage
SEMIAUTOMATIC LOADING/UNLOADING CARRIAGE Model CCSS/300 Capacity 1.000 kg., motorised wheels and rollers, hydraulic tilting system, electric panel on the side of the machine, control panel with buttons and control [ .. ]
RAC RAS - Robot loading/unloading
AUTOMATIC LOADING/UNLOADING ROBOT Model RAC/RAS 1000 Automatic loading/unloading robot suitable to take/deposit the slabs, vertically set on fixed trestle or rotating platform.The loading/unloading robot is set [ .. ]
CCVMK1 - Automatic loading carriage
AUTOMATIC LOADING CARRIAGE Model CCV300/18/1000 Tilting platform, capacity 1.000 kg., nr. 18 suction cups, 60 m³/h. vacuum pump, electric panel on board and control panel with buttons.